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grate furnace kiln taconite - stablesbusinesspark. Gratekiln process (Forsmo, 2007) indurated pellets kiln cooler Will increasing the oxygen content in the furnace. 11.23 Taconite Ore Processing - US EPA Taconite is a hard, banded, low-grade ore, and is the …

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Nov 21, 2012· Posts Related to straight grate iron ore pellitizing technology. burner indurating furnace of pellet plant Outotec - The world's largest pelletizing plant The world's largest pelletizing plant; Outokumpu ... 200 million, for the turnkey delivery of a pellet indurating furnace ...


In an Indurating Furnace, the pellets are loaded on to a travelling grate to a depth of approximately 3060cm where they are preheated (typically to 800- 9000C), before entering a - higher temperature stage (around 1,200-1,3500C) which in some designs is a continuation of the travelling grate, and in others take the form of a rotary kiln.

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The Grate, the Kiln and the Cooler. The object of the process is to transform the pelletized concentrate into hardened pellets that can be used as blast furnace feed or direct reduction furnace feed. The Travelling Grate is where pellets are dried and then heated up to a temperature of about 800-900 deg C.

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The straight grate consists of a stationary furnace with a moving set of pallet cars travelling through the furnace on a set of rails. The pellets are fed onto the cars and travel along the furnace where they are dried, heated and cooled.

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The straight travelling grate consists of a horizontal furnace divided in zones through which a grate moves slowly through each zone,, exposing the pellet bed to a progressive increase in temperature. The temperature is controlled in each zone to maintain the appropriate firing curve.

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In shaft furnaces the charge moves down by gravity and is heated by a counterflow of hot combustion gases, but the grate-kiln system combines a horizontal traveling grate… Other articles where Grate-kiln furnace is discussed: iron processing: Pelletizing: This was followed by the grate-kiln and the traveling grate, which together account for more than 90 percent of world pellet output.

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WHAT IS AN INDURATING FURNACE Iron Ore Pellets The thermal treatment done in an indurating furnace is similar to that of a straight line travelling grate. The gas and cooling air flow is downdraught. The grate bars are protected by hearth layer and the green pellet bed height is maintained about 20 cm in order to provide a …

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