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Dressing of Stones with Different Finishes for Masonry Works

This process is called dressing of stones. It is preferable that the stones should be dressed at quarry site which reduces cost of transportation. The weight also gets reduced which is easy for transportation. Stones contain soft surfaces at fresh stage directly after quarrying, so, dressing can be easily done.

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Stone Dressing, Stone Carving and Stone Fixing. The manipulation of stone requires great skill and attention to detail. It requires an understanding of architectural drawings, traditional materials and methods as well as a flair for creativity and design. More importantly, it demands a commitment to good site practice and a thorough understanding of client requirements.

16 Types of Dressing of Stones; Its Methods, Objectives.

Methods / Types of Dressing of Stones. (i) Pitched dressing: In Pitched dressing, only the edges of a stone block are made level with... (ii) Hammer dressing: It is that type of dressing in which large raised portions... (iii) Chisel drafting: In this method, drafts or grooves are made with the ...

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Plate V. Hand implements used in working stone 330 Fig. 1. Tooth chisel. Fig. 2. Drove chisel. Fig. 3. Chisel for soft stone. Fig. 4. Point. Fig. 5. Hand-drill. Fig. 6. Chipper. Fig. 7. Pitching tool. Fig. 8. Chisel for granite. Fig. 9. Chisel for soft stone (marble, etc.). Fig. 10. Face or sledge hammer. Fig. 11. Striking hammer. Fig. 12. Bush or patent hammer. Fig. 13.

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The finish called tooth-chisel work is produced by dressing stone with a tooth chisel. The surface of a stone finished in this way resembles pointed work, but it is not so regular. Working stone with a tooth chisel is one of the cheapest methods of stone dressing known. Broached Work. Fig. 7 illustrates what is knows as broached work.

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Types of Dressing of Stones. 2. Rough tooled surface: In this type of surface finish, the projection of the stone block are removed by means of chisels and the surface is nearly dressed true. The corners and the edges are made accurate, chisel draughted margins sunk and the side and bed joints roughly treated to ensure proper bonding.

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Stonemasons use a wide variety of tools to handle and shape stone blocks ( ashlar) and slabs into finished articles. The basic tools for shaping the stone are a mallet, chisels, and a metal straight edge. With these one can make a flat surface - the basis of all stonemasonry.

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In this method of quarrying, involves the use of big machines called Channelizers which have reciprocating cutting tools and are power driven. When single large blocks of costly stones like marbles and limestones are required, this method is most suitable. Read more:  What is Dressing of Stones.

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There are many types of tools uses for the dressing of stones such as pitching tools, mason’s hammer, club hammer, scabbling hammer, spacing hammer, drafting chisel, point chisel, punch chisel, claw chisel, soft stone chisels scabbling pick, puncheon, and ax.

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